General information
Type of the document Letter, List of Works
SenderMihule, Jaroslav
Sender (corporation)
Sender‘s locationPrague
Note on Sender‘s location[Prague]
Send date12.12.1974
RecipientMarková, ?
Recipient (corporation)Panton
Recipient‘s locationPrague
Language 2French
AcquiredCopy from Supraphon archive, received from Dr. Maýrová, 04/2010
Owner of the sourceSupraphon
Call number at IBMPAN 1974-12-12
Content and physical description
Total number of leaves2+12
Number of pages bearing text2+12
NoteUnidentified compositions from the list of works: "Chansons 3 (Tři písně)" = H. 115 / doubled entry of Magic Nights, H. 119?; "Compositions de jeunesse pour piano (Klavírní skladby z mládí)"; "Croix"; "Impromptu Nr. 3 (10 skladeb pro housle a orch.)"; "Komposition für Klavier"; "Songs 2 for contralto".
FixationTypescript, handwritten signature
MarkingsIn the heading of the first page inscription in hand: '1x kopie odeslaná na OSA [...] pí. Šinkmanové 17.12.1974 + kopie smlouvy ISTAR'
Attachments1) List of works by B. Martinů (from SUISA) with markings by unidentified hand - copy of annexe of letter ID 4007 with other markings; 5 pages. -- - --
2) "List of subscribed publisher's agreements to Bohuslav Martinů's works"; with markings, 7 pages, 66 entries.

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Quality of digitisationNot professional black-and-white
Digitized atBohuslav Martinů Institute
Note on digitisationScan of the paper copy
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Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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