General information
Type of the document Letter, List of Works
SenderSmith, Gertrude
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, New York
Sender‘s location
Note on Sender‘s location[New York]
Send date08.08.1956
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s location
Former owner
Owner‘s call number
Call number at IBMBH 1956-08-08
Content and physical description
ContentGertrude Smith is sending Bohuslav Martinů a list of the personal materials he has left at Boosey & Hawkes. At the same time, she informs BM that she has found his SERENADE FOR TWO CLARINETS, VIOLIN, VIOLA AND CELLO, which he required in his letter dated 26 June [1956] and which she is sending to him. GS has visited the Ellenville Music Festival.
Total number of leaves3
Number of pages bearing text3
Noteevidently a carbon-copy of sended letter ("COPY" under the text)
Fixationtypescript, handwritten inscription
Markings'SERENADE' underlined
AttachmentsA list of personal materials saved in Boosey & Hawkes and marked as "Mr. Martinu's Personal Property | (being held in separate box in Ocenaside office)" and a list marked as "Taken Out List | The following were taken from Mr. Martinu's 'Personal Box'", both with the date 8.8.1956, were attached to this letter.
Location as subject
Person as subject
Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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