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Type of the document Letter
SenderStraker, Ken
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, London
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Send date27.07.1955
Recipient (corporation)Artia, Praha
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Former ownerBoosey & Hawkes
OwnerBritish Library, London
Owner‘s call numberMS Mus. 1813/2/1/76/7, Dr. Roth's files, Artia, 1955
Call number at IBMBH 1955-07-27
Content and physical description
ContentKen Straker thanks for the letter of June 23, which again talks about the edition of classical music published by Artia. He writes about marketing issues in England. People who buy classical music editions prefer to do so from one publisher. This has been the case since the war, with a well-known and respected publisher in England who introduced his own edition of classical music but was unable to make a profit. This is also the case for publishers that have well-known and famous editors and have notes and prefaces in English. The Artie edition contains Czech, French, and German, and only a few people who buy classical music editions are unfortunately equipped with all those foreign languages. In addition, it is difficult for English people to recognize composers who have Czech names. Therefore, it will not be possible in England to make a big impression with the classical music edition of Artia. However, that applies to the standard repertoire, B&H will welcome any items that are difficult to obtain in England. KS will write again in a few days, this time about Musica Antiqua Bohemica. They are very interested in this edition and KS will let Artia know what the English prices should be. At the moment, Artia perhaps received an agreement between Artia and B&H. All preparations should be completed, stocked before September 30, and the agency's work scheduled to begin before October 1, 1955. Therefore, it is especially important that Artia returns duplicate orders that have already been sent to B&H as soon as possible and goods for which orders have already been created in order to satisfy customers.
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Number of pages bearing text2
NoteA note in a red typescript - Copy to Dr. Roth

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