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Note on sender location[Vienna]
Send date09.11.1929
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
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Call number at IBMUE 1929-11-09
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ContentThe author of the letter regrets that he was only able to speak to Bohuslav Martinů for a while. He was delighted to listen to his beautiful STRING QUARTET No.2 and he apologizes for not having been able to reply to his letter of 18/10 earlier. Director Emil Hertzka has not had the opportunity to go over his opera THREE WISHES OR INCONSTANCY OF THE LIFE in Berlin yet. The best thing would be if Martinů sent them the score and the piano reduction so that they could assess its potential. They have repeatedly advertised his ballet ON TOURNE! in German theatres but to no avail. There are several responses (from those who expressed some interest) which have not been dealt with yet, so they hope to achieve at least something. They have sent the SEXTET to Radio Berlin which should premiere it this year. As soon as they have some more information, they will inform the composer. They are eagerly awaiting both his new works as well as the score of the suite of the ballet THE KITCHEN REVUE. Due to the confusion at the Baden-Baden festival, their agent was not able to have a quiet talk to Mr Heinrich Burkard in order to get some information about JAZZ SUITE. However, they sent him a letter and he would like to provide them with the score as soon as possible.
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