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Type of the document Letter
SenderAdams, David S.
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, New York
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Send date16.05.1958
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
Recipient (corporation)
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Acquired1995, a gift from Boosey & Hawkes , New York
Former ownerBoosey & Hawkes
OwnerBohuslav Martinu Institute, Prague
Owner‘s call number
Former call number at IBMXXV20
Call number at IBMBH 1958-05-16
Content and physical description
ContentDavid Adams is finally able to verify the information required by Bohuslav Martinů in his letter dated 20 April [1958]. The personal material was sent by surface mail to Switzerland (73 Rennweg, Basel) on 28 April in two parcels. The postal charges were lower than the originally estimated 35 dollars, only amounting to 21.01 dollars. Contracts on works for which BM has received commissions: this currently only applies to CONCERTO FOR TWO VIOLINS AND ORCHESTRA NO. 2. A renewed contract on this work was signed on 30 January 1958 for the period of three years - from 1 April 1958 to 31 March 1961. The sum of 250 dollars stipulated in this agreement is payable in quarterly instalments of 25 dollars – a total of 10 instalments, with the last amount payable on 1 April 1960. The contract on the CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN, PIANO AND ORCHESTRA with Benno Rabinof [as of 3 November 1952] expired in 1955 and has never been renewed. It concerned the delivery by no later than 1 June 1953 of a 25-minute composition with exclusive performance rights for 3 years. The materials for the composition were copied by BR and they have never been in the possession of Boosey & Hawkes. They do not have the contract between BM and Jascha Veissi for the RHAPSODY-CONCERTO FOR VIOLA AND ORCHESTRA, nevertheless, they do have certain drafts of this contract dating from 1952 - BM can with certainty judge from this that the contract itself has expired since then. The materials for this composition have never been in the possession of B&H. The contract dated 3 March 1953 concerns the works: CONCERTO DA CAMERA FOR VIOLIN AND STRING ORCHESTRA WITH PIANO AND PERCUSSION, QUARTET FOR OBOE, VIOLIN, CELLO AND PIANO, STRING QUARTET NO. 7, THREE CZECH DANCES for 2 pianos, and CONCERTO FOR HARPSICHORD AND SMALL ORCHESTRA. Since the contract was signed, all these titles have been returned to BM. They have mastersheets for all these pieces, with the exception of the CONCERTO FOR HARPSICHORD (they only have a photo copy of its score, which was perhaps returned to BM on 3 July 1956). BM should write to tell to whom they should send the mastersheets of the mentioned compositions and the score of the QUARTET FOR OBOE, VIOLIN, CELLO AND PIANO and the score and a set of parts for STRING QUARTET NO. 7. The works that remain at B&H: THUNDERBOLT P-47, SONATA DA CAMERA FOR CELLO AND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, CONCERTO FOR TWO VIOLINS AND ORCHESTRA NO. 2, INTERMEZZO for orchestra, PIANO TRIO NO. 2, and DUO FOR VIOLIN AND VIOLA NO. 2.
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NoteThere are 2 identical letters at Bohuslav Martinů Institute: 1) the origin, saved in Bohuslav Martinů Foundation (a folder SUISA); 2) a carbon-copy ("COPY" on each side"), the origin saved in Bohuslav Martinů Institute (a gift from B&H).
Fixationtypescript, handwritten signature
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Schönenberg - Pratteln
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