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Type of the document Letter
SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
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Send date28.07.1928
Recipient (corporation)Universal Edition
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Note on Recipient‘s location[Vienna]
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Former call number at IBM52/46
Call number at IBMUE 1928-07-28
Content and physical description
ContentBohuslav Martinů sends them the full score and the piano score of the ballet ON TOURNE, which they have required so as to include in their catalogue. He has not yet reached agreement with the Russian ballet company, since Mr. Sergej Diaghilev commissions compositions yet does not accept any already existing pieces. He hopes that they will manage to get the ballet ON TOURNE performed on a German stage. He informs them that his DUO and the THREE CZECH DANCES will be published in August in Paris (Eschig), and he would be pleased if they were interested in it. Koussevitzky will perform his Symphony [RHAPSODY] in November. The STRING QUINTET will be performed in Pittsfield at Mrs. Coolidge’s festival. LA BAGARRE will be performed in London, Stockholm, Vienna (Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) and Paris. He asks them to confirm receipt and let him know whether he can count with their mediating performances on a German stage. They should write to him in Polička.
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Number of pages bearing text2
Fixationhandwriting, signature (Martinů)
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Boston, Massachusetts
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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