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Type of the document Letter
Sender (corporation)Schott Music GmbH & Co.
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Send date12.12.1932
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
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Former call number at IBM53/67
Call number at IBMSM 1932-12-12a
Content and physical description
ContentThe addressee sends congratulations regarding the Coolidge Prize for his STRING SEXTET. By chance, he has heard about it from Beveridge Webster, who played in Darmstadt yesterday. He would like to familiarise himself with the sextet’s score when they send it back to him from America, although publishing the sextet is commercially uneconomic. He is really curious about his CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN AND ORCH. NO. 1. It appears that Samuel Dushkin is extremely satisfied with the first two parts and hopes that he will create an effective final movement. Yesterday, he saw Cassadó, who would like to have his new address and know whether it would be possible to perform his CONCERTO FOR VLC AND ORCH. NO. 1 in Paris. The score of his SINFONIA CONCERTANTE has 119 pages in autograph. The cost for making photo copies is 8.50 francs per page. They have this work done in Paris, because it is cheaper. Mr. Eugene Cools at Max Eschig will be glad to get the address.
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text2
Noteevidently a carbon copy of sended letter; a sign W/Hlm
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