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SenderHoffmann, Camill
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Send date26.06.1930
Recipient (corporation)Sächsische Staatsoper Dresden
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Acquiredcopy of the original in Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach, original signature 02.33.61, obtained in 06/2017
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OwnerDeutches Literaturarchiv Marbach, Marbach
Call number at owner02.33.61
Call number at IBMHof 1930-06-26
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ContentSome time ago Martinů sent the piano transcription of his comic opera THE SOLDIER AND THE DANCER, H 162 to Scheinpflug. Now Martinů is more interested in a performance of a later opera of him, the THREE WISHES, H 175. Herefore Hoffmann sends a plot summary and would be glad to send the piano transcription or the full score, too. He writes, that the Kroll Opera in Berlin was interested, too, but that their actual situation would not allow the performance of the opera.
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Notetranscript of the letter by C. Hoffmann
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