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Type of the document Postal card
SenderFrank, Maurits
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Send date31.08.1927
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
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Acquiredcopy from Martinů Centre in Polička, Miloš Šafránek Collection, folder 1B
Former owner
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
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Call number at IBMFra 1927-08-31
Content and physical description
ContentThanks BM for the letter, unfortunately he cannot determine [a precise date for] the koncert in Paris [with the Novák-Frank Quartet] yet. He is going to return to Prague on 11th of September 1927 and already on monday 12th of Sept. having a rehearsal with [Stanislav] Novák. Then they will clarify all questions, referring to the concert, too. He received the DUO FOR VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO No. 1, H 157, and is going to perform it with [Licco] Amar in the Frankfurt Radio Station next week. He promises to speak with Schott, hoping they will appreaciate the DUO FOR VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO, H 157, and complains about Universal Edition, adding, that [Karel Bohuslav] Jirák has had his problems with them, too. He begs BM to write a concerto for cello, which he would like to perform with Václav Talich in the Czech Philharmony. He hopes BM to come to Prague in September, because there are concerts planned on 22th, 23th by Elizabeth Sprague-Coolidge and on September 24th they [Novák-Frank-Quartet] like to perform some contemporary czech music for her, probably the STRING QUARTET No. 2, H 150, or the DUO FOR VIOLIN AND CELLO, H 157. Asks for quick response and sends greeting, from his wife, too.
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text2
Markingsunderlined words
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Frankfurt am Main
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