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Type of the document Letter
SenderStein, Erwin
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, London
Sender‘s locationLondon
Send date19.03.1951
RecipientSacher, Paul
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s locationSchönenberg - Pratteln
Acquiredtranscript by Jana Franková, 08/2017; the original letter is in Paul Sacher Stiftung
Owner of the sourcePaul Sacher Stiftung
Call number at IBMBH 1951-03-19
Content and physical description
Transcription of the letter

Dear Mr. Sacher,

                Thank you for your letter of the 14th March.

                Persephone. The material which you used in Basel must still be with Krompholz. There is of course no objection to your taking the material with you, provided that the people in Vienna and Cologne are informed that they have to pay the hiring fee to our agents in these cities. I understand that our agents both in Vienna and Germany have materials of the work, but these are completely new.

                The Martinu Sinfonia Concertante will still take a few weeks before it is printed and bound. We intend to begin in the near future engraving the Martinu Toccata & Due Canzones, another work connected with you if I remember rightly. The score of this work seems at first sight to be more accurate than in the case of many other Martinu works. However, I should be grateful if you remembered any important mistakes or points.

                I am very much looking forward to seeing you next week, and lated in Vienna when I come to your concert on the 7th April. If I can manage I shall be there on the 4th (Persephone).

                                                                               With kind regards

                                                                                              Yours sincerely,


                                                                                              Erwin Stein

Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
Notewritten on a letterhead Boosey and Hawkes, London; only transcription of the letter available at B. Martinu Institute
Fixationtypescript and handwritten signature
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