General information
Title CZNipponari [auth.]
Subtitle CZverze pro hlas a klavír
Title ENNipponari
Subtitle ENversion for voice and piano
Title DE
Subtitle DE
Title FR
Subtitle FR
CategoryVocal Music
SubcategoryWorks for Solo Voice and Piano
Halbreich number and suffix68 A
Parts of composition (movements)1. By the Sacred Lake; 2. The Blue Hour; 3. Memory; 4. Footsteps in the Snow; 5. Old Age; 6. Life in Dreams; 7. A Look Back. (8. By the Sacred Lake, 2nd version; 9. On the Mountain Miosyna = Footsteps in the Snow, 2nd version)
InstrumentsV Pf
Solo voice
List of characters
Diplomatic transcription of dedication
Note on dedication
Place of composition
Year of origin1912
Initiation of composition
Finishing of composition10/1912
Last modification of composition
First performance
Date of first performance
Location of first performance
Autograph deposition
InstitutionMoravian Museum Brno
Deposition location
OwnerMoravian Museum Brno
Note on autograph
Place of issue
Year of publication
CopyrightSchott Music Panton, Prague
NoteDifferent order of songs from the orchestral version. *** Autograph contains two versions of songs "By the Sacred Lake" and "Footsteps in the Snow". The second version of "Footsteps in the Snow" is called "On the Mountain Miosyna" there. *** Martinů titled the composition incorrectly "Niponari".
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