General information
Title CZDvě písně
Subtitle CZ
Title ENTwo Songs
Subtitle EN
Title DEZwei Lieder
Subtitle DE
Title FRDeux chansons
Subtitle FR
CategoryVocal Music
SubcategoryWorks for Solo Voice and Piano
Halbreich number and suffix213bis
Parts of composition (movements)1. Automne malade [auth.] (Sick Autumn); 2. Fleur de pêcher (Blossom of the Peach Tree)
InstrumentsV Pf
Solo voice
List of characters
Dedicatee Matějovská, Magdalena
Diplomatic transcription of dedicationÀ Madame | M. Matějovský [No. 1 - Automne malade]
Note on dedicationMagdalena Matějovská
Place of composition
Year of origin1932
Initiation of composition1932
Finishing of composition1932
Last modification of composition
First performance
Performer Věra Soukupová (V), Alfréd Holeček (Pf)
Holeček, Alfréd
Soukupová, Věra
Date of first performance21.02.1977
Location of first performancePrague, Theatre of Music (Divadlo hudby)
Autograph deposition
Deposition location
Note on autographAutograph missing. *** Photocopy of the autograph of the song No. 1 located at the Bohuslav Martinů Institute in Prague; photocopy of the autograph of the song No. 2 held by private owner in Prague.
Place of issue
Year of publication1980
CopyrightSchott Music Panton, Prague
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NoteLyrics by Guillaume Apollinaire (1), Čan-Jo Su (2). *** Information about the premiere: Jaroslav Mihule, in: Panton, 1980. *** Song No. 2 is a piano version of the song "Untouched by Spring" from the orchestral cycle Magic Nights, H 119.

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