General information
Title CZPět madrigalových stancí
Subtitle CZpro housle a klavír
Title ENFive Madrigal Stanzas
Subtitle ENfor violin and piano
Title DEFünf Madrigalstanzen
Subtitle DEfür Violine und Klavier
CategoryChamber Music
SubcategoryDuos for Violin and Piano
Halbreich number297
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Moderato; 2. Poco allegretto; 3. Andante moderato; 4. Scherzando, poco allegro; 5. Poco allegro
Durata12' 45''
InstrumentsVl Pf
Dedicatee Einstein, Albert
Diplomatic transcription of the dedicationTo Albert Einstein
Note on the dedicationDedication on the first page of the printed score (AMP, 1950).
Place of compositionNew York, NY
Year of origin1943
Initiation of composition11/1943
Completion of composition11/1943
First performance
Autograph deposition
Note on the autograph depostitionAutograph missing.
CopyrightAssociated Music Publishers, New York
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Associated Music Publishers, 1950
Call number at the BM Institute: 1103
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About the composition

Martinů dedicated his Five Madrigal Stanzas for violin and piano to Albert Einstein, professor - and later Martinů's colleague - at Princeton University. The composer followed Einstein's scientific work with interest; in his own words, "I shall never understand it, but I enjoy the reading immensely. [...] I continue to study privately in that field. Fortunately, the further I proceed with it, the more I get lost, the less I understand it, but I am overtaken by curiosity and an enthusiasm for finding out, for knowing something that I will probably never know". Martinů's taking into consideration the technical limitations of that celebrated amateur violinist whose scientific work and philosophical approach to life he so admired did not, nonetheless, have any effect on the artistic qualities of these madrigal stanzas. Unfortunately, we have no means of verifying the truth of the anecdote that tells how Martinů, when asked how the great Einstein played his composition, hesitated a while and then replied, "Relatively well".

Aleš Březina, Martinů: Works for Violin and Piano 2, © 1999 Supraphon Music a.s

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