General information
Call number at the BM Institute282/RPR
Title of the composition Sinfonietta Giocosa, H 282
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceReproduction of the piano reduction
Closer specification of the typeEngrager’s copy
Physical description
Number of leaves48 (bez titulní strany/no title page)
Number of pages bearing notation95
Total number of pages96
Original pagination1–95
Dimensions (width x height)268 x 320 mm
BindingLoose leaves
Paper characteristicsHard paper, mostly white, however some pages are substantially brownish
Number and arrangement of staves14
Distance between staff lines2 mm
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of the scorePiano I. (Solo) | Piano II. (Orchestra)
Other markingsMarkings in lead and red pencil
Owner of the sourceBritish Library, London
Place of depositionBritish Library, London
Call numberMSS 82c
Former ownerBoosey & Hawkes, London
Note on the acquisitionBoosey & Hawkes call number, it may change after cataloguing at the British Library.

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Quality of digitisationNot professional colour
Digitized atBritish Library, London
Date of digitisation12/2019
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