General information
Call number at the BM Institute299/R1
Title of the composition Symphony No. 3 [auth.], H 299
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceReproduction of the autograph score
Closer specification of the typeEngraver’s copy / conductor’s score
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Language 1English
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of the title page[Label on the front cover:] [pen (black ink):] Martinů Bohuslav | III. symfonie (crossed out and rewritten to SYMPHONY NO.3 with a pencil) | Partitura (crossed out and rewritten to 23739 Full Score with a pencil)
[Title page:] [red stamp:] RETURN TO | BOOSEY & HAWKES | HIRE LIBRARY | P. O. BOX 418 | LYNBROOK, L. I., N. Y. [pen (black ink):] To | Serge Koussewitzky | and Boston Symphony Orchestra, | For 20th Anniversary (dedication enclosed on a white piece of paper | Symphony. N. III. | B. Martinu. | Orchestra | Pic. 1. 2. Flute. | 1. 2. Oboe, 1. Coringl. | 3 Clar. (B♭) | 1. 2 Fg. | 4 Cor (Fa) 3 Tr. (Do) 3 Trb. Tube. | Timp. G. B. Piatti. Tamb. pic. Δ Tam. tam | Arpe - Piano. | String | June 14 - 1944 | Ridgefield | Conn. | [blue ballpoint pen:] B+H 19427 | [crossed out:] Copyright Boosey & Hawkes Music Pub Ltd. London
Number of leaves55
Number of pages bearing notation108+1 (titulní strana/title page)
Total number of pages110
Original pagination1–29, 43–63, 67–85, 89–108
Note on pagination30–42, 64–66, 86–88 double pages
Dimensions (width x height)ca 296 x 446 mm
BindingSewn binding, broken
Paper characteristicsYellowed, crumpled
Brand of paperCircle Blue Print Co., Inc.
Number and arrangement of staves26
Distance between staff linesca 1,3 mm (stave width – less than 5,5 mm)
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of the scoreArpe | Piano | Violins I. | Violins II. | Violas | Violoncellos | Doublebasses
Other markingsLots of editor and condutor markings and cuts – lead, red and blue pencil
CommentsPasted measures (cuts) on the pages 21–24
Owner of the sourceBritish Library
DepositionBritish Library
Call numberO/S MISC 37a (2)
Former ownerBoosey & Hawkes, London

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Quality of digitisationNot professional colour
Digitized atBritish Library, London
Date of digitisation12/2019
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