General information
Indication of source120/A
Title of compositionSonata in C major, H 120
Class of sourceMusical source
Abbreviation of sourceA
Type of sourceAutograph
Closer specification of typeautograph score
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Novák, Stanislav

Šolc, Karel
Language 1
Language 2
Date of origin02.02.1919
Note on date of origina date of origin written in last page of score, p. 37: V Poličce 2 února 1919.
Place of originPolička
Place of origin 2
Note on place of originplace of origin on p. 1 and p. 37
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page1st title page: SONATA / C=DUR / PRO HOUSLE / A KLAVIR.. / B.MARTINŮ 2nd title page: I. / Sonata C dur / pro housle a klavír. / Milým hochům / Stáňovi / a / K. Šolcovi / věnuji. / Bohouš. / V Poličce, únor 1919.
Number of parts
Number of leafs21
Number of pages bearing notation41
Total number of pages42
Original pagination1-37
Note on paginationpencil
Dimensions (width x height)
Arrangement of section of pages
Paper characteristicsyellowed
Maker of paper (company)
Number and arrangement of staves22
Total span of staves
Distance between staff lines
Writing instrumentpen (black ink), pencil, red and blue crayon
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of scoreVl Pf
Content of various pages
Markings by B. Martinů
Other markingsby pencil numerous repair and inscriptions (conductor notes: number of bar, repair sliders, repair duration tones) blue crayon (p. 2: 57. bar) red crayon (p.7: 198. bar)
Commentsscraped places (for example: p.2: 58th bar)
Owner of sourceBohuslav Martinů Foundation, Prague
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Call number
Acqusition number
Former owner- private property -
Former owner 2
Note on ownershipformer owner of the autograph was Karel Šolc
Date of acquisition
Call number of copy at BM Institute
Date of acquisition at BM Institute2004
Note on acquisition

Preview only available at the Institute.

Quality of digitizingprofessional
Digitized at
Date of digitization2006
Note on digitization7. fáze
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