General information
Call number at BM Institute236/PR2
Title of composition The Plays of Mary - H 236
Class of sourceMusical source
Type of sourceKlavírní výtah
Closer specification of typePiano reduction of the 2nd act in foreign hand
Language 1Czech
Language 2German
Date of origin
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title pageMariken de Nimèque / Ouverture / BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ
Number of leafs36 + 1 vlepená strana + 1 volná strana s textem
Number of pages bearing notation69
Total number of pages72 + 2 + 2
Original pagination1 - 3, 5 - 21, 23 - 68
Note on pagination1 - 48, 51 - 66 (pencil), 49 - 50, 67 - 68 (pen - blue ink)
Dimensions (width x height)266x336 mm
Bindingloose double sheet
Paper characteristicsyelowed
Watermarksignature paper mill: Sünova Nr. 5 - 14 zeilig
Number and arrangement of staves14, 9, 16
Total span of staves275 mm
Distance between staff lines2,2 mm
Writing instrumentpen (blue ink), pencil
Content of various pagesp.1 Ouverture p.7 Scene in forest p.18 Dance by devil with Mariken p.33 Scene in the cabaret p.50 The Game of "Maškarón"
Commentsp. 32 empty p. 67 - glued, smaller format, 9 stave (+ fragment 10th), pen (lighter blue ink), copyist 2nd, back side cross out (pencil) p. 68 - copyist 2nd, fixed page numbering for p. 68, glued, 16 stave in every pages inscribed (pencil) German translate of the text, on p. 62 and on p. 63 was not space, text written on separaten paper and inserted between pages - signature: Dr. Wilhelm Schmidhuber, München, / Am Kosttor 1II Telefon 22706
Owner of sourceBohuslav Martinů Foundation, Prague
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Foundation, Prague
Date of acquisition
Date of acquisition at BM Institute2017
Note on acquisitionPurchased in Musikantiquariat prof. Dr. Hans Schneider

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Quality of digitizingProfessional
Digitized atBohuslav Martinů Institute
Date of digitization2017
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