General information
Call number at the BM Institute287/R
Title of the composition Piano Quartet, H 287
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceReproduction of the autograph score
Author Bontempo, Elly
Kirsch Laporte, Lucien
Lifschey, Ely
Ocko, Bernard
Language 1French
Language 2English
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of the title pageDédié á / Lucien Laporte Kirsch / et á Lilly Bontempo, Bernard Ocko, / Ely Lipschey du chambre Music / Guild-Quartet / Piano - Quartet. [podtrženo vlnovkou] / B. Martinu. / Jamaica April 1942.
Number of pages bearing notation43+tit.
Total number of pages46
Original pagination1–43
Dimensions (width x height)280 x 350 mm
BindingFolded paper
Paper characteristicsYelowed
Brand of paperMaestro, Independent Music Publishers
Number and arrangement of staves18,16
Total span of staves304 mm
Distance between staff lines2 mm
Writing instrumentpencil
Other markingsPencil: eg. pp. 12, 15, 23
Comments-title page on the different type of paper then rest of the score (with 18 plaines, Circle Blue Print)
-next pages on Independent Music Publishers paper, at the left bottom corner mark Maestro No. 110 16 PLAIN
Owner of the sourceČeské muzeum hudby
DepositionČeské muzeum hudby
Call numberTr B 202
Acqusition number59/70
Note on the ownershipPurchased from Antikvariát Praha
Date of acquisition06.09.1972
Date of acquisition (BM Institute)31.01.2017

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Quality of digitisationProfessional
Digitized atCzech Museum of Music
Date of digitisation30.11.2016
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