General information
Indication of source175/LA2
Title of compositionThree Wishes or Inconstancy of the Life, H 175
Class of sourceNon-musical source
Abbreviation of sourceLA2
Type of sourceLibretto
Language 1French
Language 2Czech
Date of origin
Note on date of origin
Place of origin
Place of origin 2
Note on place of origin
SummaryTypewritten French libretto of the 2nd and 3rd movement by Ribemont-Dessaignes with Martinů’s markings.
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[without title page]
Number of parts6
Number of leafs11+9+8+9+3+(Epilog)
Number of pages bearing notation63
Total number of pages
Original pagination
Note on pagination1-11; 1-9; 1-8; 1-9; 1-3; Epilog
Dimensions (width x height)
Bindingloose leaves
Arrangement of section of pages
Paper characteristics
Maker of paper (company)
Writing instrumenttypewrite
Content of various pages
Markings by B. Martinůpen (black ink) / pencil?: markings in Czech and French
Other markings
Owner of sourceBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Call numberPBM Na 46
Acqusition number75/95/116
Former owner
Former owner 2
Note on ownership
Date of acquisition
Call number of copy at BM InstituteTS 175/LA
Date of acquisition at BM Institute
Note on acquisition
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