General information
Call number at the BM Institute175/APR
Title of the composition Three Wishes or Inconstancy of the Life, H 175
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceAutograph piano reduction
Language 1French
Date of origin01.06.1929
Note on the date of originGiven on the last page of the score: „Paris 1. Juin 1929 | B. Martinů“
Place of originParis
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of the title pageCover
[typewriter:] Bohuslav Martinů : | T ř i p ř á n í - Klavírní výtah | filmové opery | Autograf - I., II. a III. díl | Sešito
Title page I. act
[in lead pencil, foreign hand:] Klavírní výtah | [in lead pencil:] B. Martinů 172 rue de Vanves Paris 14 | [cross out, in lead pencil:] 10. Rue Mandar 14 T | [cross out, in lelad pencil:] Paris 12e. | [in lead pencil, underlined:] Tři přání. | [in green pencil:] Trojí přání | [in pen (black ink), underlined:] Les vicissitudes de la vie. | Opera-film en 3. act, [cross out:] prolog | (Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes.) | La partition pour piano. | B. Martinů. | [underlined:] Prologue et I. acte | [underlined:] Prologue. La scéne représente les coulisses d´un Studio | Á gauche, un bureau, avec table et telephone où se tient le Telephoniste: | [...?...]
Title page II. act
[in lead pencil:] B. Martinů | [in lead pencil, underlined:] Tři přání. | [in pen (black ink), underlined three times:] II. acte. | Partition pour piano. | [underlined:] B. Martinů. | Paris Avril 1929.
First title page III. act
[in lead pencil:] B. Martinů | Tři přání. | [in red pencil:] B. Martinů | [underlined:] Le Trois souhaits. | [underlined:] III Acte.
Second title page III. act
[in pen (black ink), underlined in red pencil:] B. Martinů- Les Trois souhaits. Opera-film. | [in pen (black ink), underlined:] Acte III. | [in red pencil, circled] Acte III | [in pen (black ink):] [...?...] | [in red pencil:] Partition pour Piano.
Number of pages bearing notation255 + 4 titulní strany / title pages
Total number of pages266 (2 desky/cover + 4 titulní strany/title page + 98+95+67)
Original paginationI.: 1-98; II.: 1-92; III.: 1-61
Note on paginationAll three acts in one fascicle, paginated separately.
Dimensions (width x height)271 x 352 mm
Bindingunbound folders with different number of sheets inserted
Arrangement of sections of pagesfolders consisting of 2-8 sheets
Paper characteristicsthick, mildly yellowed
Brand of paperLard Esnault BFK Rives
Number and arrangement of staves18
Distance between staff lines1, 8 mm
Writing instrumentpen (black and blue ink), pencil (lead, blue and green)
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of the score[pen (black ink):] Derrière | la scène | I. Choeur | (chanté) | [pen (blue ink):] Sop./alti/Ten./Bassi | [pen (black ink)):] II. Choeur | (parlé) | Piano.
Markings by B. MartinůI. act, at the end, in lead pencil: "Fine. | B. Martinů | Paris. | November 1928 - Janvier - 1929."
II. act, at the end, in pen (black ink): "Fine de II Acte. | B. Martinů"
III. act, at the end, in pen (black ink): "Fine. Paris 1. Juin 1929 | B. Martinů"
Owner of the sourceBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Call numberPBM Ac 118
Former ownerMartinů, Marie

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Quality of digitisationProfessional
Digitized atCBM
Date of digitisation2010
Note on digitisation13. fáze
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