General information
Indication of source370/LA
Title of compositionAriadne, H 370
Class of sourceNon-musical source
Abbreviation of sourceLA
Type of sourceLibretto
Language 1French
Language 2
Date of origin
Note on date of origin
Place of origin
Place of origin 2
Note on place of origin
SummaryLibretto (typescript, 1st scene), based on Neveux’s dramatic piece Voyage de Thésée, written in French by unknown hand with Martinů’s inscription.
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[without cover title, caption title on p. 1:] Ariane. / Original text. / B. Martinu
Number of parts
Number of leafs4
Number of pages bearing notation4
Total number of pages4
Original pagination[1] 2-4
Note on pagination
Dimensions (width x height)
Arrangement of section of pages
Paper characteristics
Maker of paper (company)
Writing instrumenttypescript
Content of various pages
Markings by B. Martinůpen (black ink): inscriptions
Other markings
Owner of source- private property -
Place of deposition- private property -
Call number
Acqusition number
Former owner
Former owner 2
Note on ownershipestate of Max Kellerhals
Date of acquisition
Call number of copy at BM InstituteTS 370/LA1
Date of acquisition at BM Institute
Note on acquisition

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Quality of digitizingnot professional BW
Digitized at
Date of digitization2012
Note on digitization
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