General information
Call number at BM Institute322/R1
Title of composition Sinfonia Concertante [auth.] No. 2 - H 322
Class of sourceMusical source
Type of sourceReproduction of the autograph score
Closer specification of typeEngraver’s copy
Date of origin1949
Note on date of originSee letter Sac 1949-11-25
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[underlined twice:] Sinfonia Concertante. | for: Violin [originally: Violon; "o" changed by Martinů in A to "i"], Oboe, Bassoon, Vcello (Soli) | and String Orchestra, Piano, | 2 Clar in B♭, 2 French [crossed out in red pencil] Horns ["s" added in red pencil]. (ad lib.) | [crossed out:] (not obligatory) | (Clar. in score in C.) | [underlined:] B. Martinu. | NEW – YORK – 1949.
Number of leafs62+1(titulní strana)
Number of pages bearing notation62+1(titulní strana)
Total number of pages63
Original pagination1–24, 25A, 25B, 26–61
BindingLoose leaves
Paper characteristicsYellowed
Maker of paper (company)Circle Blue Print Co., Inc.
Number and arrangement of staves20; 24
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of scoreCl. 1. | [underlined twice time:] in C | 2. | Cor | Piano | I. | II. | Vla. | Vc. | CB
Other markingsblue, red and pink pencil, pen (black, blue and red ink), lead pencil
CommentsOn the cover page at bottom left retangular tag "Copyright 1949 [crossed out, corrected by pencil to 1950] in U.S.A. by Boosey & Hawkes Inc. New York. | Copyright assigned 1949 to Boosey & Hawkes Ltd., for all | countries except Canada and Australia. | For Canada: Boosey & Hawkes (Canada)Ltd., Toronto. | For Australia [crossed out and corrected in pencil to Australasia] Boosey & Hawkes (Australia) Pty.Ltd., Sydney. At bottom right in blue pen: B&H 17063.
Owner of sourceBoosey & Hawkes, London
Place of depositionBoosey & Hawkes, London

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Quality of digitizingNot professional colour
Digitized atBoosey & Hawkes, London
Date of digitization2011
Note on digitization14. fáze (scan)
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