General information
Call number at the BM Institute372 I/Aa2
Title of the composition The Greek Passion, H 372 I
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceAutograph score
Closer specification of the typeFragment of the autograph score, act 3, scene 5
Language 1English
Note on the date of originProbably 1956
Physical description
Number of pages bearing notation17
Original pagination157, 152–164, 168–169, 175
Brand of paperCircle Blue Print Co., Inc.
Number and arrangement of staves26
Writing instrumentPen (black ink)
CommentsIncomplete scene from the 1st version of the opera
Owner of the sourceBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Call numberPBM Ac 251
Former ownerReber, Charlotte

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Quality of digitisationProfessional
Digitized atID Space
Date of digitisation2003
Note on digitisation4th phase
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