General information
Call number at BM Institute370/APR
Title of composition Ariadne - H 370
Class of sourceMusical source
Type of sourceAutograph piano reduction
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Language 1French
Language 2English
Date of origin06/1958
Note on date of originMay - June 1958
Place of originSchönenberg - Pratteln
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title page[no title page, heading at the first folio:] ARIANE
Number of leafs65
Number of pages bearing notation65
Total number of pages1-65
Original pagination1-65
Note on paginationDefinitiv pagination in black ink 1-65, provisional pagination in pencil paginates the aria separately 1-11.
Dimensions (width x height)255 x 340 mm
Bindingno binding, the leafs had been apparently stick together (recto + verso), then they were separate again
Paper characteristicstransparent paper with preprinted staves
Maker of paper (company)E. A. L.
Number and arrangement of stavessee note
Distance between staff lines2 mm
Writing instrumentblack ink, markings in pencil
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of score[no performance forces listed]
Content of various pagesstamp of CBM and the call number at the first and the last page
CommentsMartinů uses a several different types of paper. Pages 1-54 on "E. A. L." paper. "No. 112" → 12 staves per page „No. 131“ → 3 staves (piano + solo voice) with braces, 4 systems per page „No. 116“ → 16 staves per page „No. 114“ → 14 staves per page Pages 55-60 written on Circle Blue Print paper (3 staves - piano + solo voice - with braces, 4 systems per page). Cover page added later in CBM.
Owner of sourceBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Place of depositionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Call numberAc 129
Acqusition number50/1977
Former ownerMartinů, Charlotte
Date of acquisition
Date of acquisition at BM Institute

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Quality of digitizingprofessional
Digitized atCBM
Date of digitization2010
Note on digitization13. fáze
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