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Send date21.07.1943
RecipientAron, Paul
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July 21 – 1943

Dear Mr. Aron,

I am so happy to know that you have finished the piano score am very anxious to hear it. Mr. Dayton called me today and I hope I will see both of you next week. In the meantime please, make 2 photocopies by Circle Blue Print Co. of 250 West 57th Street and let me send the bill to me. It takes so much time. Please, send 1 copie, special delivery, to the address:

Mr. Richard Burgin

140 Sewall Avenue

Brookline- Mass.

Never mind if we change something after, Mr. Burgin (Ruth Posselt, who played it next season, need the score as fast as possible to study it, and correct the violin part. Please send it to her. I will pay you the postmail. I do not think we will change but even, we can make the corrections on the copy and make the new copys corrected. Mrs. Posselt start to study and she need the score, she has now only the violin part and there are the mistakes. Tell to Mr. Dayton to call when you come next Saturday, I think.

[Very sincerely?

B. Martinu]

I will come to take you at the stations, call me before on from the station in Darien.

Stamford 5-2316

(from the station call only the number)

Could you take a metronome with you?

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