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ContentGeraldine Mucha would like to point out a few things in reaction to Gregory Terian's email. During the war, they always went to the BBC studios on Upper Regent Street, later they went to Bush House. Vilém Tauský had no time to rehearse TRE RICERCARI, H 267. Jiří Mucha was transfered from the army to the RAF with the rank of Flying officer, and as a BBC war correspondent he sent his reports not only from Europe and North Africa, but also from India, Burma, the Middle East, etc.; he left London in 1942. Máňa Kraus spelt her name "Manya" for the Brits, no one ever called her "Marie". Mucha Museum, not Mucha Gallery; Mucha Gallery has been opened by a smart aleck who has bough Mucha reproductions, stuck them up on the wall, and charges admitance. It's called milking the tourists. She asks GT to leave out her cello fantasie.
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