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Type of the document Letter
SenderMuchová, Geraldine
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Note on Sender‘s location[Prague]
Send date17.06.2009
RecipientTerian, Gregory
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AcquiredAcquired from Gregory Terian in 2017.
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OwnerBohuslav Martinu Institute, Prague
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Call number at IBMTerG 2009-06-17
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ContentGeraldine Mucha writes as a follow-up to the phone conversation with Gregory Terian. The Czech and Slovak folk songs were not chosen at random but for their words which then become the coded message. Walter Susskind did all the instrumental arrangements, the piano arrangements were done, and accompaniments played, by GM. When Otto (Otakar Kraus) joined ENSA, he sang under the name of Karel Otakar and it was found that he had a heart condition. His wife Máňa (Marie Krausová) had a job as a secretary in the Czech goverment-in-exile. She knows from Jiří Mucha that the rather unusual scoreing of the FIELD MASS, H 279, was dictated entirely by the situation of the time. JM gave Bohuslav Martinů a rough sketch, and before he could shape it properly, the music was written using the rough sketch. GM didn't meet JM until he reached England in 1941. She remembers Vilouš Tauský arriving in battle dress to conduct TRE RICERCARI, H 267, with no time for rehearsal.
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NoteWritten on a letterhead of the Mucha Foundation.
Markingsinscription probably in Terian's hand: "Epitaph | String quintet & oboe"

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