General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderStein, Erwin
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, London
Sender‘s locationLondon
Send date13.02.1951
RecipientSacher, Paul
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s locationSchönenberg - Pratteln
Acquiredtranscript by Jana Franková, 08/2017; the original letter is in Paul Sacher Stiftung
Owner of the sourcePaul Sacher Stiftung
Call number at IBMBH 1951-02-13
Content and physical description
Transcription of the letter

Dear Mr. Sacher,

                Thank you for your letter of the 2nd February. I have asked our people to send you a correct set of solo parts of the Martinu “Sinfonia Concertante”. The printing of the parts was already in progress when you discovered the mistake, so we had to make do with a makeshift by overpasting the passages concerned. The Full Score is not ready yet, and – as you know – with the printing situation as it is it’s risky to predict a date, but I suppose it will be ready in the spring. We have noted that you want two copies when it does appear.

                The Harewoods are at the moment in Italy enjoying Verdi and other performances in Milan, Rome and Naples. They will be back  before the end of the month. He’s writing now a lot, and I wonder whether you get regularly his magazine Opera. If we come to Basel, or near it, we shall certainly not fail to visit you.

                With kindest regards to you and Mrs. Sacher,

                                                                               Yours sincerely,

                                                                               [podpis] Erwin Stein

                                                                               Erwin Stein

Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
Notewritten on a letterhead Boosey and Hawkes, London; only transcription of the letter available at B. Martinu Institute
Fixationtypescript and handwritten signature
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