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SenderStein, Erwin
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Send date25.01.1950
RecipientSacher, Paul
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OwnerPaul Sacher Stiftung, Basel
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                          25th January, 1950.

Mr. Paul Sacher,
Pratteln (Basel),


Dear Mr. Sacher,

               Thank you very much for your letter of January 16th. In the meantime it has come to my knowledge that a work of Martinu called SINFONIA CONCERTANTE was performed last year by Radio Paris. As we had not supplied any material, we made enquiries to ascertain our rights and have been informed that the music was supplied by the Czech Embasy. I do not kow how they got hold of it, nor can I ascertain whether the work performed was really the SINFONIA CONCERTANTE which you saw recently.

               Martinu has a habit of giving some of his works similar titles and this has already caused considerable confusion. Also, some works of his have been supplied to Czechoslovakia and to some conductors before we took them over and it is very difficult to check this now, as he himself does not remember it very clearly.

               We have had no satisfactory answer from Paris yet, but I shall let you know whatever we can find out.

               On the other hand, a score of the present SINFONIA CONCERTANTE has been given to Kubelik in America, we understand on Martinu’s request. We have had no news from Holland about Kubelik’s intended performance. Our information came from our American house. You see, the situation is confused. If an order should come in from Holland, where I understand Kubelik is at present, we would be at a loss what to do. Anyhow, the material is not ready.


[druhá strana]

               Have you written to Martinu? Perhaps your correspondence with him would clear the matter.

               I would have liked to give you a straightforward  reply to your letter, but with this Paris business and the information we received from America, we cannot give you a definitive answer at present. Should it appear that the Paris performance was of a different work, I shall let you know immediately, because in this case you could perhaps settle things with Martinu directly.


                                                                          With kindest regards,

                                                                          Yours sincerely


                                                                          ERWIN STEIN.

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