General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderKusevickij, Sergej Aleksandrovič
Sender (corporation)Boston Symphony Orchestra
Sender‘s location
Note on Sender‘s location[Boston, Massachusetts?]
Send date06.11.1946
RecipientMartinů, Bohuslav
Recipient (corporation)
Recipient‘s location
Note on Recipient‘s location24 West 58th Street New York City 19, N. Y.
AcquiredCopy from The Library of Congress; Serge Koussevitzky Archive; 2016; another copy from CBM, Polička
Former owner
OwnerLibrary of Congress, Washington D.C.
Owner‘s call numberML 31.K66
Call number at IBMBSO 1946-11-06
Content and physical description
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
NoteA carbon copy of the sent letter from LoC archives; sent, signed letter on letterhead of BSO from CBM, Polička (sig. PBM Kd 171)

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Quality of digitisationNot professional black-and-white
Digitized atLibrary of Congress; Washington, D.C.
Date of digitisation2015
Note on digitisation
Location as subject
New York, NY
Person as subject
Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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