General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
Sender (corporation)
Sender‘s location
Send date14.07.1948
Send date noteThe date is written-up to german translations in an unidentified hand.
Recipient (corporation)Universal Edition
Recipient‘s location
Note on Recipient‘s location[Vienna?]
Language 2German
Acquireda copy from Universal Edition archive, Vienna
Former ownerUniversal Edition, Vienna
OwnerUniversal Edition, Vienna
Owner‘s call number
Call number at IBMUE 1948-07-14b
Content and physical description
Total number of leaves2
Number of pages bearing text2
NoteThe content is almost identical with the letter ID 4293, 14.7.1948. At UE a german translation was evidently done. On one typed page, there are translations of two different BM´s letters (see ID 4293, 14.7.1948). In a top there is a german note: "A translation of both BM´s letters attached to the corrected score of CONCERTO GROSSO. 14.7.48". On the left side of german translation, there is a german note in an unidentified hand: "This letter was recieved from Mrs. [...] on 26.4.49".
Fixationtypescript, handwritten inscription and signature (BM), typed translation, inscriptions
Markingsin the letter and in the translation, too
Location as subject
Person as subject
Corporation as subject
Composition as subject
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