General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderSmith, Gertrude
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, New York
Sender‘s location
Send date09.07.1958
RecipientStrnad, Vojtěch
Recipient (corporation)Dilia - Divadelní a literární agentura
Recipient‘s location
Former owner
Owner‘s call number
Call number at IBMBH 1958-07-09a
Content and physical description
ContentGertrude Smith informs Vojětch Strnad that Boosey & Hawkes only had the first 77 pages of Bohuslav Martinů’s JULIETTE, which they have already sent to VS. They have never possessed the other pages. They will ask BM.
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
Noteevidently a carbon copy of sended letter
Person as subject
Composition as subject
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