General information
Type of the document Letter
SenderAndrewes, John
Sender (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, London
Sender‘s location
Send date10.06.1955
RecipientSmith, Gertrude
Recipient (corporation)Boosey & Hawkes, New York
Recipient‘s location
Former owner
Owner‘s call number
Call number at IBMBH 1955-06-10
Content and physical description
ContentJohn Andrewes sends thanks for the list of corrections for Bohuslav Martinů’s SYMPHONY NO. 6, which he is returning enclosed in this letter, since they have already corrected all the parts. For the future publication of SYMPHONY NO. 6, he would also like to receive other corrections of errors that Charles Munch finds.
Total number of leaves1
Number of pages bearing text1
NoteBoosey & Hawkes, London letterhead
Fixationtypescript, handwritten signature (Andrewes)
Markingsone word crossed (therefore)
AttachmentsA list of corrections was evidently attached to this letter, look at XXV/42.
Person as subject
Composition as subject
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