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ContentBM is thinking about the symphonic form: it is one of the great problems of contemporary composers. He writes about the history and about the fruitless attempts of modern composers to change the structure. The content is not affected, with rare exceptions. What a lofty ideal should be? Each composer of this time is obliged to blend the sensations of grandeur and tragedy to a certain extent, it is the inheritance of the Romantic era. He is thinking about the exaggerated expressivity and noise of these times. The music loses its charm and the visitors are exhausted when they leave a concert. At the end he describes his First Symphony from an aesthetic point of view. It has the classic four-movement plan and corresponds to his own convictions. He talks about the birth of the work.
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MarkingsNahoře poznámka archiváře: [1942-43]. Občasné vpisy tužkou, většinou překlady do AJ nebo korekce v hláskování.

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