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SenderMartinů, Bohuslav
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Send date08.03.1927
Recipient (corporation)Universal Edition
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Note on Recipient‘s location[Vienna?]
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Former call number at IBM52/14
Call number at IBMUE 1927-03-08
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ContentIt would be extremely useful to publish his STRING QUARTET NO. 2; it will soon be performed on several occasions, and on 11 November by the Novak-Franck Quartet in Vienna. He will send them all the programmes, all of them contain a mention of their publishing company. It would be good to inform all their representatives of it. They should send him their addresses, he could send invitations to them. Subsequently, he will send them reviews, which they can use in their magazines. It would also be good if they sent him several copies of his works they have published. Then it will be easier for him to have them performed at concerts. He mentioned Jirák and Hába here. Despite difficulties, he was ready to present at concerts other composers too, such as Janáček, and young German and Viennese composers. In this manner, he could help promote their publishing company in Paris. He does not, however, have the music materials from himself and the others to do so.
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Fixationhandwriting, signature (Martinů)
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