General information
Title CZMariken z Nimègue
Subtitle CZprvní verze druhého dějství z opery Hry o Marii
Title ENMariken of Nimègue
Subtitle ENfirst version of the 2nd act from the Miracles of Mary
Title DEMariken von Nimègue
Subtitle DEerste Fassung
Title FRMariken de Nimègue
Subtitle FRpremière version
CategoryStage Works and Film Music
Halbreich number236/2 I
List of charactersMariken (S, dancing role), Devil (Bar, dancing role), ringmaster (Sp), God (B), Mother of God (A), Maškaron (T), drunkard (B), girl (S), male and female chorus, dancers
Place of compositionParis
Year of origin1934
Initiation of composition05/1933
Completion of composition28.07.1933
First performance
Autograph deposition
InstitutionPaul Sacher Stiftung
Deposition locationBasel
OwnerPaul Sacher Stiftung, Basel
CopyrightDilia, Prague
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Note Two versions: 1st version (H. 236/2 I) was composed between May 1933 - 28.07.1933. 2nd version (H. 236/2 II), which is included in the cycle The Miracles of Mary, was completed on 21.03.1934. French lyrics by Henri Ghéon (see French libretto of H. 236/2 I) after a Flemish legend from the 15th century, Czech translation: Vilém Závada (H. 236/2 II).
About the composition detailed information being currently revised
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