General information
Title CZRytmické etudy
Subtitle CZpro housle a klavír
Title ENRhythmic Etudes
Subtitle ENfor violin and piano
Title DERhythmische Etüden [auth.]
Subtitle DEfür Violine und Klavier
Title FRÉtudes rythmiques
Subtitle FRpour violon et piano
CategoryChamber Music
Halbreich number202
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Allegro; 2. Poco allegretto; 3. Moderato; 4. Allegretto moderato; 5. Andantino; 6. Allegro moderato; 7. Allegretto
InstrumentsVl Pf
Place of compositionParis
Year of origin1932
Initiation of composition1932
Completion of composition18.03.1932
First performance
Performer Petr Rybář (Vl), Frank Polák-Pelleg (Pf)
Pollak-Pelleg, Frank
Rybář, Petr
Date of the first performance1933-02-03
Location of the first performancePrague, Municipal House (Obecní dům)
Autograph deposition
InstitutionSchott Music GmbH & Co.
Deposition locationMainz
OwnerSchott Music, Mainz
Note on the autograph depostitionFacsimile of the autograph located at the Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička.
CopyrightSchott Music, Mainz
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About the composition

The Rhythmic Etudes for violin and piano comes from the same year as the Seven Arabesques for violin and piano, H 201 A., and the Sonata no. 2 for violin and piano, H 208. In contrast with the Arabesques - the work with which they make for easiest comparison - the Rhythmic Etudes concentrate rather on instructing the young musician in rhythm. They are intended for advanced amateurs, and Martinů's piano part here comprises only one stave.

Aleš Březina, Martinů: Works for Violin and Piano 2, © 1999 Supraphon Music a.s 

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