General information
Title CZNokturno
Title ENNocturne
Title DENocturne
CategoryWorks for Keyboards
Halbreich number47
Parts of the composition (movements)Andante cantabile/religioso
Dedicatee Pacoldová, Božena
Note on the dedicationDedicated to miss Božena Pacoldová.
Place of compositionPrague
Year of origin1912
Initiation of composition1912
Completion of composition03.04.1912
First performance
Autograph deposition
InstitutionCzech Museum of Music
Deposition locationPrague
OwnerNational Museum – Czech Museum of Music, Department of Music History, Prague
Note on the autograph depostitionDraft located at the Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička.
CopyrightBärenreiter Praha
References Related correspondence
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About the composition detailed information being currently revised
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