General information
Title CZVzpoura [auth.]
Subtitle CZbaletní skica o 1 dějství
Title ENThe Revolt [auth.]
Subtitle ENballet sketch in 1 act
Title DEAufruhr
Subtitle DEBallet-Sketch in einem Aufzug
Title FRLa révolte [auth.]
Subtitle FR
CategoryStage Works and Film Music
Halbreich number and suffix151
Parts of composition (movements)1. Dance of Birds - Dance of Mice 2. Piano Lesson 3. Harlequin's Serenade 4. Dance scene in the Bar 5. Finale
Instruments2222-2210-Timp-Batt(GC,Tamb rull)-Pf-Archi; Vl, Vc, Tr, Tamb picc na scéně/on the stage; V za scénou/behind the stage
Solo voice
List of characters
Diplomatic transcription of dedication
Note on dedication
Place of composition
Year of origin1925
Initiation of composition1925
Finishing of composition01.11.1925
Last modification of composition
First performance
Performer František Neumann (dir./cond.), Otakar Zítek (scéna/scenography), Ivo Váňa-Psota (choreografie/choreography)
Neumann, František
Psota, Ivo
Zítek, Ota
Date of first performance11.02.1928
Location of first performanceBrno, National Theatre (Národní divadlo)
Autograph deposition
InstitutionThe Royal Library
Deposition location
OwnerThe Royal Library, Copenhagen
Note on autographAutograph score, piano reduction and sketches. *** Book of incomplete sketches located at the Czech Museum of Music in Prague. Score and piano reduction by copyist hand located in the Archive of the National Theatre Brno.
Place of issue
PublisherTheatrical and Literary Agency
Year of publication1969
CopyrightSchott Music Panton (CZ, SK: Dilia, Prague)
NoteLyrics/synopsis by Bohuslav Martinů. *** Female voice behind the stage.




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