General information
Title CZElegie [auth.]
Subtitle CZpro housle a klavír [auth.]
Title ENElegy
Subtitle ENfor violin and piano
Title DEElegie
Subtitle DEfür Violine und Klavier
CategoryChamber Music
Halbreich number3
InstrumentsVl Pf
Dedicatee Novák, Stanislav
Diplomatic transcription of the dedicationStanislavu Novákovi.
Note on the dedicationTo Stanislav Novák.
Place of compositionPolička
Year of origin1909
Initiation of composition1909
Completion of composition04/1909
First performance
Autograph deposition
InstitutionCzech Museum of Music
Deposition locationPrague
OwnerNational Museum – Czech Museum of Music, Department of Music History, Prague
CopyrightBärenreiter Praha
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Documents in the Library
Note Motto on the title page: "Evil is coming back." - Date of origin on the title page: "Velikonoce 1909".
About the composition

The Elegy for Violin and Piano with its subtitle "Evil Returns", is, then, one of Bohuslav Martinů's very first compositions. This single movement threno­dy of relaxed formal construction may doubtlessly be regarded as his first substantial work. Throughout the piece, the thematic material is simply exposed without subsequent development. As in all the other early works included in this collection, the piano part is considerably more taxing than that of the violin, the second of which serves primarily as a vehicle for the melodic material, whilst the piano provides the elements of harmony and rhythm. The Elegy differs considerably from Martinů's later works, particularly in terms of its relentless dramaticism; his later works rather display the qualities of moderate restraint (mesure) and discipline. In the Elegy we already find, however, a preponderance of those third and second intervals that are also a feature of his later works.

Aleš Březina, Martinů: Works for Violin and Piano, © 1999 Supraphon Music a.s 

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