General information
Title CZKoncert pro klavír a orchestr č. 3
Subtitle CZ
Title ENConcerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3
Subtitle EN
Title DEKonzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 3
Subtitle DE
Title FRConcerto pour piano et orchestre n° 3
Subtitle FR
SubcategoryPiano Concertos
Halbreich number and suffix316
Parts of composition (movements)1. Allegro; 2. Andante poco moderato; 3. Moderato - Allegro (poco)
Solo voicePf
List of characters
Dedicatee Firkušný, Rudolf
Diplomatic transcription of dedicationTo | Rudolf Firkušný
Note on dedicationDedication on the title page of the autograph score.
Place of composition
Year of origin1948
Initiation of composition09.04.1947
Finishing of composition10.03.1948
Last modification of composition
First performance
Performer Rudolf Firkušný (Pf), Walter Hendl (dirigent/conductor)
Firkušný, Rudolf
Hendel, Walter
Date of first performance20.11.1949
Location of first performanceDallas, Texas (USA)
Ensemble Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Autograph deposition
InstitutionBritish Library
Deposition location
OwnerBritish Library, London
Note on autographTwo reproductions of the autograph score are held by the Czech Museum of Music in Prague, one is located at the Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička (deposit of the Bohuslav Martinů Foundation).
Place of issue
PublisherCzech Music Fund
Year of publication1960
CopyrightSchott Music, Mainz
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NoteTitle on the title page of the autograph score: "Concerto No. 3. | for piano | and orchestra." *** First movement was completed on 31.12.1947, second movement on 15.02.1948. *** Czech Music Fund published only performing materials in 1960. *** Panton published piano reduction by Karel Šolc in 1960 and study score in 1985.

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