General information
Title CZEtudy a polky
Subtitle CZšestnáct klavírních skladeb ve třech sešitech
Title ENEtudes and Polkas [auth.]
Subtitle ENsixteen piano pieces in three books
Title DEEtüden und Polkas
Subtitle DEsechzehn Klavierstücke in drei Heften
Title FR
Subtitle FR
CategoryWorks for Keyboards
Halbreich number and suffix308
Parts of composition (movements)I.: 1. Etude in D (Allegro /poco/); 2. Polka in D (Poco allegro); 3. Etude in A (Vivo); 4. Polka in A (Poco allegro); 5. Pastorale (Moderato); 6. Etude (Poco allegro) *** II: 1. Etude in C (Allegro); 2. Polka in F (Poco allegro); 3. Dance-Etude (Allegretto); 4. Polka in E (Allegro moderato); 5. Etude in F (Allegro) *** III: 1. Etude in A (Moderato); 2. Polka in A (Poco allegro); 3. Etude in F (Allegro); 4. Polka in A (Moderato) 5. Etude in F (Allegro) [titles of the pieces according to the printed edition, Boosey & Hawkes, 1946; see Note below for differences from the autograph]
Durata32' (11' 30'' + 10' 15'' + 10' 15'')
Solo voice
List of characters
Dedicatee Gilmore, Ann
Johnstone, Winifred
Smith, Nora
Weir-Jablonka, Jean
Diplomatic transcription of dedicationTo Mrs. Nora Smith [I: 5]; To Mrs. Ann Gilmore [I: 6]; To Jean Weir-Jablonka [II: 2]; To Winifred Johnstone (III: 4)
Note on dedicationDedications in the autograph. Two more dedications in the printed edition: "To Milunka Svoboda" [To Milada Svobodová] (I: 2) and "To Antonín Svoboda" (II: 4)
Place of composition
Year of origin1945
Initiation of composition27.07.1945
Finishing of composition28.08.1945
Last modification of composition
First performance
Performer Rudolf Firkušný
Firkušný, Rudolf
Date of first performance18.01.1946
Location of first performanceNew York, Carnegie Hall
Autograph deposition
InstitutionBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Deposition location
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Note on autograph
Place of issue
PublisherBoosey & Hawkes
Year of publication1946
CopyrightBoosey & Hawkes, London-New York
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NoteTempo marking of Polka in A (book I: 4) in the printed edition: "Poco allargando" (in the autograph: "Poco Allegro"). *** Differently titled pieces in the autograph: book I, No. 3: "Etude in a"; book II, No. 1: "Etude in e"; book III, No. 1: "Etude in a"; book III, No. 2: "Polka in h"; book III, No. 4: "Polka in a" [A = A major; a = a minor].

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