General information
Title CZKoncertantní suita pro housle a orchestr
Title ENSuite Concertante for Violin and Orchestra [auth.]
Title DESuite concertante für Violine und Orchester
Title FRSuite concertante pour violon et orchestre
SubcategoryViolin Concertos
Halbreich number276 II
Parts of the composition (movements)1. Toccata (Allegro un poco moderato) 2. Aria (Andantino) 3. Scherzo (Allegretto scherzando) 4. Rondo (Poco allegro)
Durata22' 40''
Solo voiceVl
Dedicatee Dushkin, Samuel
Diplomatic transcription of the dedicationTo | Sam Dushkin.
Note on the dedicationDedicated to Samuel Dushkin.
Place of compositionNew York, NY
Year of origin1944
Initiation of composition01/1944
Completion of composition15. 02. 1944
First performance
Performer Dushkin, Samuel
Golschmann, Vladimir
Date of the first performance28. 12. 1945
Location of the first performanceSaint Louis, USA
Note on the first performanceSamuel Dushkin (Vl), Vladimir Golschmann (cond.)
Ensemble St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Autograph deposition
Note on the autograph depostitionAutograph missing. *** Facsimile of the autograph is located in the archive of Schott Music in Mainz and at the Bohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička.
CopyrightSchott Music, Mainz
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Schott Music GmbH & Co., Mainz, 1955
Call number at the BM Institute: 1105
Specification of the edition: Piano reduction
Details of this edition
References Related writings
Documents in the Library
Note Inscription on the title page of the autograph: "EN COLLABORATION WITH/AVEC S. DUSHKIN".
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