General information
Title CZKoncert pro cembalo a malý orchestr
Subtitle CZ
Title ENConcerto for Harpsichord and Small Orchestra
Subtitle EN
Title DEKonzert für Cembalo und kleines Orchester
Subtitle DE
Title FRConcert pour clavecin et petit orchestre
Subtitle FR
SubcategoryConcertos for Other Solo Instruments and Orchestra
Halbreich number and suffix246
Parts of composition (movements)1. Poco allegro; 2. Adagio; 3. Allegretto
Durata17' 30''
InstrumentsFl Fg Pf Archi(3111)
Solo voiceCemb
List of characters
Dedicatee Lacour, Marcelle de
Diplomatic transcription of dedicationà Marcelle de Lacour
Note on dedicationDedication on the first page of the autograph score.
Place of composition
Year of origin1935
Initiation of composition1935
Finishing of composition10.09.1935
Last modification of composition
First performance
Performer Marcelle de Lacour (Cemb), Henri Tomasi (dir./cond.)
Lacour, Marcelle de
Tomasi, Henri
Date of first performance29.01.1936
Location of first performanceParis (Concerts du Triton)
Ensemble Ensemble Instrumental
Autograph deposition
Deposition location
Note on autographReproduction of the autograph with BM’s markings, solo part in a foreign hand with BM’s markings and incomplete piano reduction in a foreign hand are located at the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus.
Place of issue
PublisherUniversal Edition
Year of publication1958
CopyrightUniversal Edition, Vienna
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NoteDurata according to the diary of Charlotte Martinů: 15'.

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