General information
Call number at BM Institute134/CS
Title of composition Folk Dances and Customs of the Slovácko Region, H 134
Class of sourceMusical source
Type of sourceCopy of the score
Closer specification of typeScore by copyist hand
Date of origin
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title pageSlovácké tance. | B. Martinu.
Number of leaves26
Number of pages bearing notation42
Total number of pages52
Note on paginationwithout page numbering
Dimensions (width x height)obálka: 251x310 mm, vnitřní strany: 243x305 mm
Bindinghard, bookish
Paper characteristicscreamy
Number and arrangement of staves12
Writing instrumentpen (black ink)
Content of various pages- tempo indications: Úvod: Andante – Allegretto – Poco andante I. díl – Fašank: Allegretto – Moderato – Allegro – Moderato comodo – Marcia – Poco andante – Moderato – Allegretto – Poco vivo – Presto II. díl: Poco andante – Královničky – Jízda králů: Moderato – Allegro III. díl: Moderato – Allegretto – Andante – Poco moderato – Andante – Moderato – Allegretto – Moderato IV. díl: Andante – Poco moderato – Allegretto – Poco vivo V. díl: Svajba: Andante – Allegretto
Comments- page 33rd in bottom right corner plucked - after last written page followed five empty page - mark of paper "0.112." on title page
Owner of sourceMoravian Museum Brno
Place of depositionMoravian Museum Brno
Call numberA 40611
Former ownerŠafránek, Miloš
Date of acquisition1976
Date of acquisition at BM Institute2010

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Quality of digitizationProfessional
Date of digitization2010
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