General information
Call number at the BM InstituteM 002a–d/D
Title of the composition Angel of Death, H 17 Entry into My Sister’s Album, H 17bis The Sleeper, H 19 At Night, H 30
Call number specificationM 002a/D: Angel of Death, H 17
M 002b/D: Entry into My Sister’s Album, H 17bis
M 002c/D: At Night, H 30
M 002d/D: The Sleeper, H 19
Class of the sourceMusical source
Type of the sourceDraft
Closer specification of the typeautograph draft
Language 1Czech
Date of origin07/1910
Note on the date of origindates are writtet at individual drafts of pieces, f.e.: on the 10th page (Anděl smrti): ["Finished on Tuesday 13/7"]
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of the title page5/7 _ 13/7 / Anděl smrti. / Pod Rdzaviczovu sochu. / Pozoune? – Tetu. jer. / Boh Martinů.
Number of leaves9
Number of pages bearing notation17
Total number of pages18
Original pagination1-16
Note on paginationpages are numbered by pencil in outer side in bottom corner
Dimensions (width x height)317x247 mm
Bindingloose leaf and double sheet (originally sewn, binding violated)
Paper characteristicscreamy
Number and arrangement of staves18
Writing instrumentTitle cover page: pencil, other pages: pencil, pen (black ink)
Content of the other pages- page 10 - written by Martinu´s hand: "V úterý 13/7 dokončeno." ["Finished on Tuesday 13/7."]
- page 11 - written by Martinu´s hand: "15/July 1910. / Do památníku sestřina" [Entry into My Sister`s Album] (H8bis)
- page 12 strikethrough, written by Martinu´s hand in the top the date: 16th July 1910 and text: "Miluji oblaky…oblaky, jež jeden…/ tam v dáli…ty čarovné oblaky / z mladých básní v próze / Baudelaire"
- page 13 - written by Martinu´s hand in the top-left corner the date 19th July and text: "V noci. Rud. Mája" (sketch H30)
- page 15 - written by Martinu´s hand in the top-left corner the date 21th July and text: "Spící" (H19)
Comments- notebook contains different sktech: Anděl smrti (H17), Do památníku sestřina (H17bis), Balada [crossed out], V noci (H30), Spící (H19)
- in bottom outer corner brown spot
Owner of the sourceMoravian Museum Brno
Place of depositionMoravian Museum Brno
Call numberA 40608
Former ownerŠafránek, Miloš
Date of acquisition1976
Date of acquisition (BM Institute)2003

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Quality of digitisationProfessional
Date of digitisation2003
Note on digitisation6. fáze
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