General information
Call number at BM Institute375/CHS
Title of composition Mikesh from the Mountains - H 375
Class of sourceMusical source
Type of sourceChoral score
Closer specification of typechoral score, performance material
Author Martinů, Bohuslav
Bureš, Miloslav
Language 1Czech
Date of origin
Physical description
Diplomatic transcription of title pageno title page
Number of leafs26
Number of pages bearing notation26
Total number of pages26
Original pagination2-26
Bindingperfect binding
Number and arrangement of staves9; 12
Writing instrumentpen (blue ink), pencil
Diplomatic transcription of performing forces - 1st page of scoreMikeš z hor | na poemu Miloslava Bureše | B. MARTINŮ
Other markingsinscriptions for interprets by unknown hand by black pencil and blue ink
CommentsAn undated choral score. CHS contains all the solos and choruses and comprises 26 pages. The heading on the first page contains the title of the work, on the following line "na poemu Miloslava Bureše" ("on the poem by Miloslav Bureš"), and in the top right corner "B. Martinů." The musical text is written in an unknown hand on 12-stave music paper, with the exception of p. 1, which has 9 staves. The lyrics are typewritten. The extant copy in the archive of the Kühn Choir contains interpretation marks in pencil and blue ink in an unknown hand. The differences in vocals in the vocal accompanying parts compared to PS suggest that CHS was copied from [R1] or R2 and that the text missing from A was filled in by the performers.
Owner of sourceKühn mixed choir
Place of depositionKühn mixed choir
Call numberbez sign.

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Quality of digitizingNot professional colour
Note on digitizationdigi neprofi
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