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Note on datedate given on the back side of the photo
Location note
Acquiredfoto0071a - copy from Czech Museum of Music; foto0071b - copy from S. Hipman's Collection (Museum of Caslav)
Former owner
OwnerNational Museum – Czech Museum of Music, Department of Music History, Prague
Owner call numbersign. 5729 Fl
BMI call numberfoto0071
AuthorHipman, Silvestr
Physical description (type, paper, dimensions)
DescriptionBohuslav Martinů on the 15th Tuesday's Meeting. Sitting from the left: Richard Zika, Arne Berger, Otakar Nebuška, Bohuslav Martinů, Pavel Bořkovec, Vladimír Hanousek (holding violin), Erna Grünfeldová (at the piano), standing Silvestr Hipman a Jaroslav Jindra

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