General information
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Owner‘s call numbersign. PBM Na 1; Př. č. 188/96
BMI call numberkres0152; kres0153; kres0154; kres0155
Note on the date1918 - 1924
Descriptionkres0152: Drawing "Při šachu." ("During a chess play.")
kres0153: Drawing "H. s B. na korse."
kres0154: Drawing "Já s P. v neděli" ("Me and P. on Sunday.")
kres0155: A little sketch of a human figure,
Page 40.
NoteA drawing from Bohuslav Martinů's sketch book from 1918 - 1924. On the original cover of the sketch book there is "Deník B.M." ("The B.M. Diary") written by a hand of Martinů's sister Marie. A hardcover, size 213x181 cm, flyleafs, 96 sheets, on the first 29 of them there are pencil and pastel sketches by Bohuslav Martinů, between other sheets of the sketch book there are put next 25 sheets with pencil sketches.
Drawings are in the sketch book from page 13.

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