General information
Note on date
Location notePrague or Polička
Former owner
OwnerBohuslav Martinů Centre in Polička
Owner call numbersign. PBM Na 3; Př. č. 75/95 (135)
BMI call numberkres0058 - kres0059
Physical description (type, paper, dimensions)
Descriptionkres0058: Drawing with a text "Bohuslava Martinů, t.zv. umělce, život posmrtný. Obraz 1. BM. bere si život." ("Posthumous life of Bohuslav Martinů, so called artist. Picture 1. BM. takes his own life.") kres0059: Drawing with a text "BM. nalézá se v rakvi. (Jeho přátelé se na něj složili, aby uctili památku tohoto velkého muže") ("BM. in a coffin. (His friends gave their money together to a memorial of this significant man.")
NoteThe 3rd page from 6 sheets drawn from both sides (A set of composer's drawings "Bohuslava Martinů zánik a to ostatní" - "The End of Bohuslav Martinů and other things"). Drawn with a pencil.

Preview only available at the Institute.

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